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The JustReturns platform supports you at every stage of the
process, from initiating a return to scheduling a pick-up and
inspection to reselling and delivering with forward logistics.

For Logistics & Warehousing

Tap into a growing network of retailers who need your services. Expand your own customer base with an easy-to-use platform that does the heavy lifting and keeps as much merchandise as possible out of the dump. Schedule inspection, pickup, and logistics, all in one place.

For Retailers & Merchants

Returns don’t have to be a costly time suck, or a waste of effort and materials. Simplify returns management and create less waste with JustReturns, a technology platform and resale marketplace that makes returns easy—whether you need to restock or resell.

We handle the whole returns process end-to-end,
coordinating logistics, inspection, shipping
and re-homing for you.

Keep Customers

Give customers an easy return process that supports sustainability and social responsibility, boosting customer loyalty and lifetime value.

An Easier Way To
Manage Returns

Improve the value of every return with faster restocking and streamlined resale logistics that gets more done with less effort.

Help the

Retail returns are a big part of landfill waste. By using our streamlined resale platform, more things find new homes and less goes to the landfill.

Save More

Reduce the time, effort and financial costs associated with returns management with an easy process that simplifies every stage of the return lifecycle.

Why JustReturns?

Easily process and resell returns—and save time, money, and the planet in the process.

How It Works

JustReturns makes it easy to manage all aspects of your returns process in one convenient platform. Here’s how a typical return process goes.

Step 1

Oh no! A consumer needs to return and item.

Step 2

It’s cool. We got this. The retailer uses JustReturns to start returns management.

Step 3

Let’s make it right. JustReturns automatically connects the retailer with logistics and warehousing to arrange inspection. At pickup, we inspect the item for quality and send photos to the retailer, we then agree how to best repurpose the item and maximize its true value.

Step 4

Re-sellable? Great! JustReturns will manage the resale, using fancy algorithms to make calculations and ensure we set an optimal price when we list it so your item sells fast and maximize the full value.

Step 5

Going, going, GONE! Once sold, the item is sent from the warehouse to the new consumer by one of our logistics partners.

Special circumstances? In the rare event an item is too damaged for resale, we’ll arrange for donation whenever possible.

Simplifying Sustainable Shopping

JustReturns provides comprehensive returns management for retailers and an innovative re-commerce marketplace for consumers to buy and sell high-quality goods.